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Guy Parsons
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Why I take photos.....

purpleray wrote: Guy I cant be a real photographer, I didnt look that closely to spot the Oly Ep3!!

Heh, heh! And this is why I take photos much the same as you, Ray. My Japan trips amount to thousands of shots that would throw Tedolf into a major heart attack. Most are just photos of "what I saw when I was there". Only some are more carefully composed and may have a tiddly bit of artistic merit to suit the Tedolfs and their like here. It's mostly about the memory of the trip.

Finding that camera "hidden" in your image is part of the fun of keeping every shot taken and exploring them randomly at leisure at some later date. We often find things that we never saw on the day.

The urgent need to make every shot some sort of artistic winner to suit Tedolf was washed out of me with a few years of camera clubs. Been there, done that "artistic stuff", and see no need to be bound by those rules all the time now just to suit others.

In my club days I did very well thank you in monthly and State inter-club competitions mainly due to my ability to see and crop an image to get it right. When I moved to mostly slides I didn't do so well, as "post processing" cropping was so darn awkward with a slide mount.

My wife and I moosh all our images together into day dated folders and when presented in time order (synchronise those cameras!) it is interesting to see how we both approach the shots in the same situation. She more concentrates on individuals or small scenes and I tend to go wider for the "what I saw with my eyes" type of view. The result is a decent presentation, and with very little exact overlap of image framing. One thing that pops up that is that I tend to seek unusual viewpoints or angles to a scene more often that she does.

Ray, the main lesson here is to basically ignore Tedolf when he is off his medication, he can get rather nasty at times. Here of course he is just pushing his common "why didn't you make the image to suit Tedolf taste" barrow. And he MUST have the last word, so best to just walk away....

Anyway, I see the main use of theses forums (was indeed why they were started) is to help people learn their cameras and how they function, it helps make up for the appalling manuals that Panasonic and Olympus deliver.

The side effect is that people often post photos here instead of the forums elsewhere where it is all about the image and not about the hardware. But there's always the "experts" lurking here to give artistic commentary whether it was requested or not.

Sorry about the length of the post, I definitely do not belong to the Twit(ter) generation so need more than 160 characters to explain what I think at the time.

Regards...... Guy

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