The two sides of the wildlife & BIF and m4/3s argument

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Re: The two sides of the wildlife & BIF and m4/3s argument

Thanks for your post.

I have a friend who shoots motorsport religiously with a DSLR and big lens but he presets the focus to the point on the track where the cars will be as its more reliable to work that way. Likewise when I had an E3 I always used it on the centre AF point as I just didn't trust its algorithms. I find the endless posts/threads about continuous AF and multi-point tracking AF to be hugely misleading. Until my OMD turned up last night the problem with my previous E-P2 and the X100 was all in the EVF, long black out times, no liveview update when in continous shooting mode, lag and jitter on the Fuji. All of this stuff is a thousand times more important to me as I can't shoot stuff that is moving if I can't even see it, in such circumstances an old MF film SLR without a motordrive is more usefull. Just played with the OMD last night but with the EVF refresh cranked up and continous shooting in low speed the experience seems a lot like low to mid end DSLRs to me. This to me means it will actually be useable for such duties when shooting stuff into a MF focus "trap" or along the focus plane. I think way way too much emphasis is placed on things which whilst valid concerns are edge cases whilst ignoring basic capabilities that can hugely effect a cameras usability.

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