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phat dinh wrote:

my images look great in cs6 but when printing at a local costco..the prints have a brown tint to please

The most common cause of a brown tint is the profile. The safest color space to save them with is sRGB. Costco branches are supposed to use the DryCreek profiles, and you can download and convert your image to the profile supplied for the printing machines at that particular branch. However there have been many reports of Costco simply ignoring the profile.

So saving as sRGB is definately the safest bet. If you have it as AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB, then you will get problems.

If you want to look at the DryCreek suggestions:

But there have been quite a few users posting on this forum that they followed this proceedure, and they were better off just using sRGB.

Brian A

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