How much is the Panasonic 14-45mm worth vs. the 14-42

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Re: How much is the Panasonic 14-45mm worth vs. the 14-42

Why don't you shoot a few pics with the 14-42 and see if it's "good enough" for your typical photography before you decide to sell it for maybe $50-$80 on eBay. What would the net amount to you after you pay service charges? Then factor in the cost of the 14-45 and your total expense for that lens.

The reason I was trying to avoid that is because of losing value from it being new vs. used. Service charges are almost negligible so I'm not too worried about that.

What camera(s) are you using now, your typical photography, and what do you hope to gain by moving to MFT?

The main reason I NEEEDED a good camera was because I'm a graphic design major and in all my coursework before applying to the program I have to take varied art classes, which I need to take photos of. Also I have to take atleast one photography class. I WANTED a great setup for me though because I have always loved photography I have gotten very into it in the past. This is the first point in my life I've been able to afford a quality camera and a couple of lens, because I sold some of my old toys(guitar and an old phone) as well as having some money in holiday gifts. With that being said, my only other camera was a point and shoot camera which could not hold my interest for very long. Portrait and street photography are really the only areas which I don't have any interest in exploring for the most part. I believe whenever you start looking into a new field which you don't have experience in, you need to be an open canvas and try different things in order to discover what parts of it you like and where you fit in. 
When I get into a new hobby, I always do a massive amount of research before purchasing and continue through the beginning until I'm learning on my own. Where I am right now, the 14-42mm I'm sure is plenty good enough for my purposes. This question stems from once I grow, is the better 14-45mm really worth the $100-120 to upgrade now. Thanks everybody for all their suggestions and help so far, this site really is fantastic!

From what I read in OP orginal post she/he got the 45-150 included with her camera kit. Do you advise her to sell that lens too?

Just for the record the MSG is my initials not Ms. Guzy, that would be my mom lol.

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