Why does Sonys online, TV and movie presence suck?

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Re: Why does Sonys online, TV and movie presence suck?

dlkeller wrote:

I care, because, if doesn't get its act together on this, we may not even have support for out A mount systems in a few years as sales lag. Better sales mean more support by both Sony and third party manufactures which means more stuff for us A mount users.

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I think that when Sony bought the imaging division from Minolta, they also got the Minolta marketing department as a free bonus.  Sony must have learned well from Minolta since they use the same technique ("if it's a secret, people will think it's special and buy it.")

Unfortunately, they may end up with the same ultimate "success" as Minolta.

On the positive side I did find a working A77 on display ath Best Buy this year - last year they had an SLT (don't remember which one)  without a workable power supply (didn't fit the camera).


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