Panasonic LX& recieved --- what is the sweet spot in terms of aperture...

Started Dec 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Tx. agree with what has been said and still learning...

I don't really understand why shots at f/1.4 are not better without flash but I have started using the camera at higher f stops.    Pics seem better at 90 than 24 right now, I'll have to work on that.     My G12 seems a bit better in low light than the LX7 --- I know it has a stronger flash and I have to learn more about the LX7.

I really love the build quality and look and, with a little Op. improvement, I think this will be a real winner.    I did notice noise and will have to play with the ISO, too.

Right now, I'm playing with a new D5100, too, which is unfair.   I've mostly tried indoor photos (reason for the LX7) but I must admit the D5100 has spoiled me.    Sharp pics, DOF, and really great, accurate colors.    I bought a flash for the D5100 with bounce capabilities (don't be hard on me, I'm still learning) and, boy, can this camera do it all (well, once I become better).

I like the tandem.   I mean, I don't want to carry the D5100 with flash and lenses.   That's where the LX7 comes in.   I really hope the video is good.   If not, I understand the low price.

You guys are very helpful and the most expert I've come across on the net.    Thank you.

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