Would I be happy with a Panasonic G5? or..

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Re: Would I be happy with a Panasonic G5? or..

The Panasonic menu system seems to phrase and structure things differently from Canon. My camera experience is pretty limited compared to yours.... before I bought my G3, I'd only used Canon digital cameras and Nikon film SLRs. All my film SLR experience is with someone handing the camera to me set up so all I had to do was press the shutter. If you have a strong preference for the Canon or Sony menu system, I would avoid getting a G5. Since I'm pretty much a total noob, even tho I've mostly used Canon I'm not finding the switch to involve more work than switching to a Canon SLR would be. I still am going to need to take a huge number of pictures to learn how all the new features work. Going Canon would have maybe saved me as many as 5 test shots.

A G5 isn't going to be radically different from my G3. There are some technical side changes, but they're more similar than they are different. Since I knew going in that the big reason to go for interchangeable lenses was to get bigger aperture lenses for low light stuff, for my uses, there just weren't enough differences to make it matter tons one way or the other. The lenses matter a lot more. Since I managed to get a cheap G3 body, that leaves more money for lenses. And there just aren't a lot of other system options that will sell me both of my must have lenses: a big aperture 35mm-ish lens for snapshotty stuff, and a decently long and large aperture macro lens. Since I also tend to be chasing depth of field for macro stuff, m4/3's smaller sensor was a plus too.

Before I decided on a system, I spent a lot of time looking at lenses trying to work out whether I could get my "must haves" in a given system. Lots of math, lots of trying to figure out how precise I needed to be about exact 35mm film angle of view. Lots of looking at my own work, trying to figure out which pictures mattered most to me, to make sure my must have lenses really were must haves.

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