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Re: Amazon's return policy is ideal.

FrankParis wrote:

Turns out some of the things I said in that post were a little premature. When I signed up for the return label, it was clear that I misunderstood Amazon's return policy. I thought you had to return the defective copy before receiving the new one. False. Two days after signing up for the return, I got the new copy. Who could ask for better service? The day after I received my new copy, I returned my defective copy. Didn't miss a step in reading the book.

I noticed a review on Amazon complaining that their copy fell apart also and he downgraded his review to 2 stars. I don't think receiving a defective copy should ever downgrade a rating. It's simply too easy to get a replacement to worry about it. It's like complaining about the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Two defective copies this soon after release does suggest a quality control problem. While I tend to agree that book reviews should focus on the book's content, I also think potential buyers have a right to know when someone receives a defective product. For example, I recently decided not to purchase a highly rated futon because several people had complained about assembly problems and/or needing to return a defective product. One person gave it 5 stars because he was impressed with Amazon's return policy and happy with the replacement, which might be the best approach.

I use Amazon Prime all the time because of their great return policy. However, having to box up the product and take it to the post office is still a hassle that I would prefer to avoid.

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