With new lens in camera correction and old nex incompatiblity are Sony killing their system?

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Re: With new lens in camera correction and old nex incompatiblity are Sony killing their system?

pastie wrote:

I've been waitng for a lense from Sony small enough to fit the form of the body, and when they do finally make it, I can't use all of its focal range without a lot of effort in post processing..

For miracles, don't ask Sony, but just pray...

It's certainly technicaly unrealistic to expect a very good optical quality for a pancake zoom lens designed for so big (APS-C) sensor.... or if possible, it would for sure cost a tremendous price.

Sony choose APS-C for it's hybrid cam series. This bings lot of benefits over micro 4/3 or 1" sensors (Nikon 1...), but of course, this enhance the lense size at equal quality, range, and price.

If you want a pancake zoom for NEX, there is proprably no other solution than accepting a reduced optical quality (or caracteristics), compensed by software corrections (automated on the latest models).

if you reject this compromise, then you have to choose a smaller sensor system.

Many people asked for smaller lenses for NEX, and i think they were right. Sony did it. The result is for sure not a "dream" lens. Maybe some other manufacturer, highly experienced, could do better, but we can dount about it, as there  is for the moment no other totaly equivalent lens on the market.

The only comparable lenses are:

- panasonic 14-42X: slightly smaller, but also designed for micro 4/3 sensors (APS-C is for sure more chalenging), and starting at equivalent 28mm vs 24mm (24mm is for sure more chalenging)

- Canon G1X lense: same size of lesnse, but for slightly smaller sensor. better wide angle apertune, but eq 28mm wide angle (vs 24).

Both have average perfomance, with strong corner softness and high level of software correction required, and not exactly the same focal lengh and apertune range... not easy to say wich one is the best.

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