Would I be happy with a Panasonic G5? or..

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I have a GH2

Which shares the sensor. I also have the EPL5. I think as a standalone camera, the G5 in total has probably the upperhand and that has a lot to do with the ergonomics, the swiveling display, the electronic shutter, the much better filmmode, the manual controls and it has an EVF. Gh2 on its own versus EPL5 on its own means to me GH2 probably beats it. GH2 has even much better video (with the hack) than G5, let alone EPL5.

What are EPL5's strenghts? What I immediately noted is the better image quality. Everything is notably better here. This is in RAW and this gap widens in JPG. Yes, Olympus JPGs are in a calass on its own. In fact these are so good that on many occassion I have to use LR4.x quite a long time to get anything better.

Also, it is quite a bit smaller than G5/GH2 and still has quite some controls. Another biggy is that each and every lens on that cam is stablised and gives you 2,5 to 3 stops extra which is especially usefull in low light (long shutterspeeds). It is a take everywhere cam and to me clearly more so than Gh2. But its size means that knobs are little, controls are fewer.

So it depends what you want.

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