X-E1 Tips and Settings

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Re: X-E1 Tips and Settings

Amnon G wrote:

lxcellent wrote:

If shooting indoors:

Set to AUTO 6400 ISO.

Then set the shutter speed to 125

Then adjust f/stop to your liking.

Using this set up, the ISO will adjust to the lighting conditions and it will not allow the camera to drop to a lower than it should shutter speed (which it will if you keep it in ap priority).

It will not always work (i.e. the shutter speed will be too fast even at ISO 6400 and the image will be underexposed), but it usually works.

I use this with ~60 with the kit zoom and people (unless it's kids who move too fast...)

Not good enough as you lose setting the aperture, right?  Fuji needs to allow fixing the shutter speed limit in the Auto ISO function as they do in the X100!!

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