Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: Use USB 2.0 ports for the card reader...

jamesdak wrote:

OK, the Card Reader is internal to the computer. It's a standard multi-card reader but I don't know off the top of my head if it is USB 2.0 or 3.0. I can access the card just fine in windows, format it, etc. But when I run the dell program to create the recovery media and select USB drive vs DVD the systems just spins and never does anything.

I've never tried to use the internal card reader in a Dell before to boot from. So, there may be something it's doing to prevent that.

But, I have used memory cards in external USB attached card readers with Dell machines before to boot from. I did that on a regular basis with Linux distros before I acquired USB flash drives to use instead.

Now at this point if I select DVD it does create the recovery media on 3 different DVDs. So I am thinking a USB stick on a 2.0 port may get me by this point.

I don't understand what the issue is with the DVDs. That option should work, too.

One other silly question. If I actually do succeed in moving the OS will I need to reregister that copy of Windows and if so what do I use for the key? I did not get any discs with the computer this time unlike every other new computer I have bought.

Usually not. But, Win 8 may work differently (I doubt it though, as I suspect that the recovery media will already have the license key embedded in it somewhere).

In any event, your PC will have a Windows COA (Certificate of Authenticity) on it somewhere with a valid license key. So, even if you can't get a Recovery Disk to work, you could use a standard Windows 8 installation disk and plug in the license key from that sticker to register it.

That's a common technique to use when you want a clean install of Windows without anything else the manufacturer installed (just use a standard Windows install DVD and use the License key from the COA sticker).

Digital River has download links for Win 7 you can use for that purpose.  But, I don't see any for Win 8 yet (although if you dig around using google, I see multiple sites with links to Win 8 .iso files you can burn to DVD now, so you could just install Win 8 from scratch and use the license key on your COA sticker to register it.

Maybe I am just the guinea pig for moving Windows 8 with DVDs? I could not find anyone else with instructions on line that had done it with DVDs.

Maybe so.

Again, if all else fails, just use the free utility I mentioned, as it has a Wizard that can copy the OS from your hard drive to an SSD, and can resize the partitions for you during that copy so that your Windows install should fit on a smaller SSD OK.

Just use the links in this post (one is the link to the free product, the other is a link to instructions on using the built in Wizard to copy your hard drive install to an SSD).

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