Bought the Sekoinc 478D and Regretting it :(

Started Dec 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
John Deerfield Veteran Member • Posts: 3,216
Re: Bought the Sekoinc 478D and Regretting it :(

My limited experience with the meter does not leave me impressed, but I would not dismiss it solely based on a single instance of a cracked screen.

I think the dismissal of the meter is more because Sekonic, at least initially, wasn't going to reapir it under warranty. If the meter is simply in a camera bag and a body/lens/flash/whatever, can hit the screen and break the LCD behind that glass and then not have Sekonic repair it shows amazingly bad judgement on Sekonic's part. I wouldn't buy one based on what I have heard, there are other options available.

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