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Re: Timelapse

BobORama wrote:

I like anything time lapse. But just a criticism of sorts. The video is several minutes long and is very low frame rate. Why? If you have 1800 shots, that's 1'30" of video, it will look very smooth.

for driving shots, I use continuous shooting and long shutter speeds in high speed continuous shooting, you can use very low ISO, gives a nice blur, and requires no timer, and effectively lets you control the frame rate. A ND filter can help get the shutter down to where you need it.. If you need a timer, I use an IR timer. My work in progress time lapse guide is here ==> blog.trafficshaper.com/?p=474 I use the stupid $2.95 plug device for nearly all my time lapse, the GentLEDs for long period shooting.

Many thanks for the article. I will look into that later on since I do have plans to make another one. This was my first timelapse (but I do have one set off images from K-7, but not yet processed), so there is plenty off room for improvement.

The choices here where the camera's option's and timelapse implementation from Pentax. The Pentax K-01 can make images in timelapsefunction (wich is part off the movie-function) in a few settings from timing (1 second, 5, 10, 30, 60 and some more up to one hour). The images are taken in FullHD 1920x1080 pixels and then processed in a compleet timelaps AVI. Herefor the images are set in threefold and 5 different images into one second off movie;

So a 60 second timelapse with a one second interval gives you 60 images and that means a timelapse off 12 seconds where every second contains 5 different images, but all off those 5 are there in 3 fold giving a 15 fps AVI movie.

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