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Re: Nikon digital back patent

fft81 wrote:

The point is that IF nikon did release a digital back fr old film cameras, the back would be the same size/mass as DSLR today since it would need to pack all the same hardware.

Not all. Not the most actually.

Does not need AF motor,AF sensor, AF processing power, Shutter motor, Mirror motor, back LCD, Buttons.

Also it will just shoot RAW and will take a micro SD.

I have though about combining a D700 with an FE2 but the board size is just too big. If all the above are true then nikon can design a much smaller one. Also given the absence of the motors , LCD and the processing ability, the battery can be really small.

The only trick will be how to pass the timing and ISO information from the camera to the back.

Because of the latter, and the fact that they don't have any film models other than F6 (which is like a D700), I believe that this patent is there to deter other companies from making one so Nikon can sometime build both the sensor back AND the camera to sell with.

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