M8 & 35mm Skopar - a waste?

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Re: M8 & 35mm Skopar - a waste?

JoeyCinSC wrote:

Michael Everett wrote:

What settings do you prefer for focus peaking? Do you alter them based upon the lens or shooting environment? I absolutely understand that the camera has only a small part in the final image, but getting the image is half the fun too!

A lot of people suggest putting focus peaking on low, so when you get a peak you will more likely be in focus.  I find that I set the camera on BW, the peaking color on yellow (actually a bright chartreuse), and the peaking itself on high.  That way the peaking color stands out, and you can see when the peaking is at its peak, when the color is most dense.  After while you get so that you can snap it in pretty fast and accurately.  Also on the 7 there is a button right under your thumb (the MF button) that you can set for magnified view, so that if you are not sure or if the focus is really critical you can pop that in instantaneously.  I now find I seldom need it, and when I do it usually confirms what I have already set.

I should add I shoot in raw so even thought the image is BW in the VF or on the LCD, that is just the jpeg image.  What comes out of the camera is color.

What I also like about peaking is that you never have to worry whether there is any front or rear focus issue.  You are focusing what is actually on the sensor.

Finally meaning no disrespect to Leica, I find the images that come out of the 7 - with the right lens! -- are of such quality as to hold up to any camera.  There is the limitation, that non-retrofocus wide-angle lenses have a magenta cast and in some cases some deterioration on the edges and corners.  Yet there are excellent retrofocus lenses out there.  My personal style seldom calls for super-wide, although I have taken multiple shots and stitched them together, as in the following, which was done with the 7 and a Canon FD 35 f2:


(My photographic impression of Beethoven.) BTW this image is greatly reduced from a 33MP Tiff file.  If anyone wants to see the original please pm me.


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