PC-E Why does Nikon let Canon crush it in this area?

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Re: It doesn't matter that this is a close up photo because I'm applying this,

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You may believe that this lens doesn't need tilt but I believe you lack the creativity to exploite such a lens. I already desire a TSE/PC 14mm just think of the possibilities of that lens; oh wait I shouldn't be asking you........

Why waiting?

My Super Angulon XL 47mm gives me possibilities that are not available to any ts-e or pc-e lenses (being in fact much wider than Canon's 17mm TS-E). And for years now.

Nice, You have discovered Scheimpflug rule. My first enlarger I've bought back in 70-s was able to apply it - and it was really fun to do some experiments with it.

Fireworks of creativity with shooting toys are far behind me. As well as "discovering" of the possibility of lens movements.

But time goes. Sorry, but focus stacking is in many cases is simply better than tilt function. Also, on location, it's faster than fiddling with tilt angles - if You want to get the best from the image. And it's free, with every Photoshop. Also with some free software.

Dear friend, even in photography there are many new things to be learned about. Not only manufacturer's catalogues listings.

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Wow. You are so condescending. Not everyone who is looking for a Tilt/Shift lens is "discovering" the possibility of lens movements or discovering the Scheimpflug rule.

It wasn't me with the link to this rule on wikipedia.

Don't talk down to people who you have no idea of their background. It come across as arrogance.

Look at the post before mine. Try to answer, who "comes across".

I for one am a professional photographer looking for a tilt shift solution for product shots (stills and video) and landscape work. I am coming from a LF background and the D800E has been liberating in many ways.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but using tilt has someting to do with incerasing DOF in 99% of cases. Both toy image and link web site with tilting is about that.

Lens tilt allows - as we all know - some creative approach to the subject. Other than "fake miniature", but rather with controlled shew of focus plane. Sorry, but with tilted UWA (17mm) lens on small frame (24x36mm) doesn't posess DOF that is shallow enough (at lest to my my taste). One can still use this approach for macro work - but hardly for any other subject.

I can assure you that neither focus stacking nor "shifting" in post are always possible. Focus stacking increases only depth of field perpendicular to the film plane. I often need to increase DOF at an acute angle and do not desire infinite depth of field. Focus stacking also requires consistent lighting, lenses without focus creeping, and a static subject. Useless in many instances. Not even to mention video applications of TS lenses.

Yes, i know it is not to be done in pp. But also ts tilting is very limited - as we are talking about t/s - pc lenses, not monorail camera.

Can You show not-macro sample of image taken with 17mm t/s, where not-perpendicular DOF distribution has a meaning?

As to video - You are right. In case one can see usefullness of such approach - focus stacking is useless. But tilting for dynamic subjects is also limited only to subjects with predictable behaviour.

Can you explain how a Super Angulon XL 47mm can be mounted on a D800E? (or an other Nikon camera?)

Nikon is not the only camera on this world.

Nor 17TS-E is only lens giving UWA T/S capability.

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