Nikon service and "Impact Damage"

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Re: Nikon service and "Impact Damage"

macroxscape wrote:

I guess if you have a real catastrophic damage, nikon service is very good. Last year, I fell into water with my D300 and a four year old link on lens. The lens repair was free but the. Brody repair costed me about $300. But they did a very good job for the camera and lens. It all worked and looked better right after the repair.



I dropped my D300 with 85/1.4 plus battery grip from 4 feet high around 2 years ago, lens didn't get a single scratch magically, but the whole upper left body was cracked, info screen was gone, wheels weren't responding. So I drove to Melville, had a B2 service and paid $23x. The camera came back so new that I couldn't recognize it. Not only they fixed that damaged area, they literally cleaned my camera inside out, even the dust inside the main LCD screen. So my own personal expedience with them has been great.

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