Guns, violent movies or games are not the problem...

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Re: Guns, violent movies or games are not the problem...

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Lack of discipline is the main problem. Parents involvement in raising kids properly is the problem! You go for the root of the problem why these kids are committing this kind of mass murders. One thing I notice here in America, parents something are NOT ALLOWED to enter their kids room WITHOUT THEIR permission which I find ridiculous. When I witnessed a 14 year old kid yelling at her mom in front of everyone and threatening to sue her parents, I was shocked. Back in the days, this cannot never happened.

Nowadays, kids have no respect at all to elders, to their parents, teachers, police, priest, doctors etc. What I hate the most, they don't know how to say excuse me anymore etc.

Accept it or not, it is lack of faith, lack of values, lack of principles, lack of self esteem, lack of self respect and lack of parenting.

Do you have kids princess, or is your experience only secondhand from tv and the web?


Jules, now I understand why you have been fed up to the max with Princess Madness long time ago. I have now reached that same level too with the nonsense multiple threads he is pollution this forum with just to justify his sick idea of distributing more guns despite the death of those innocent children. How insensitive and disrespectful he is towards the parents of those victims. He is lucky I am not related to any of those victims, I would have hunted that low life.

I know one shouldn't feed a troll, but it is difficult when the troll has invaded a whole website on an hourly basis.

hey retard, count how many posts you made the last 15 minutes?

I repeat..... it is difficult when the troll has invaded a whole website on an hourly basis.

What you fail to realise is that a lot of my posts have been countering your mis-truths, bias links, and boring right wing twaddle. Some might be happy to let you continue you post your continuous drivel, I chose to counter it and show what a complete and utter fool you are. A sentiment that is shared by many as you know. As for your supporters on this forum, I have seen none. What does that say princess?

No you don't, you don't even address the OP, just continue with drivel and nasty personal attacks. It is fine by me if it is your stress outlet from home. Glad I could help.

Personal? How do I reply to your nonsense without it being? Or am I to let your biasses go unquestioned? Not a very good defence princess, but nice to know you care. On with your RW research, I'm sure there is plenty there for you to keep going the whole Xmas holiday.

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