SLRGear tests the 15/8 Body Cap Lens!

Started Dec 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
benarden Contributing Member • Posts: 575
the 15/8 Body Cap Lens! / Nice !

amtberg wrote:

tt321 wrote:

An advantage of this lens, over a smart phone for instance, is it does not need focusing when pointing to the target so shooting might be very quick and dare I say clandestine. Esp if you put it on a really big camera like the GH3, people would not regard the camera as being live when they see it, and the electronic shutter would mean they won't realize pictures have been taken.

However outside of that and apart from the curiosity value (if one needs that as a conversation piece then one should be considering getting out of the desperate situation already), I agree with you there is little sense to spend money on it.

I could see getting one for $25. Not for $50.

Maybe i'll buy one down the road apeice.

Fun little gadget.

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