Starting to like the XE1, question:

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Joel Stern
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Re: Starting to like the XE1, question: wrote:

I downloaded and read the user manual.

1. Has anyone tried RPP for raw processing Fuji XE1 files?

I won't be shooting JPGs. I'm amazed how well and how quickly RPP supports new cameras; but are the results exceptional?

2. Battery life: really only 350 shots per battery?

That's somewhat discouraging. Must be the EVF. So we get a small light weight camera but have to carry 30 pounds of spare batteries? For most days I would need four batteries.

3. RR-80 Cable release. Any experience using a conventional screw type old fashioned cable release vs this electronic one? No mirror lock up, but then, no mirror. Is anyone using the self timer instead of a cable release?

4. Continuous Focus: runs whether depressing shutter release or not. Runs down battery. Are most owners just using Single shot and giving up on Continuous?

5. Arca Swiss plate that doesn't interfere with the battery door - does this exist?

6 My intended use of the XE1: hand held candid street shots, tripod mounted landscapes. Is the focus adequate for candid street shots?

I'm on the verge of snagging one of these beauties,


350 seems to be considered good if not the norm today on cameras with so much going on. At least it seems so to me, and I have found that the rated numbers are usually low.

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