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Re: Windows Defender

skyglider wrote:

kcbeatty wrote:

The scanner I use to do a random check up on my system is SpybotSD. Then I'll update Malware Bytes and run it it. These are both free programs. The last time I got hit I had to run Combofix to clear the system. After that I uninstalled MSE and got the newest AVG product, also free, and have been running it for a couple of months.

Now on Win 8 I have just heard that right now MSE (WD) is a good program for Win 8. They have made some improvements to that program and combine that with the newness of Win 8 it will be OK for an unknown amount of time.

Glad to hear that Win Defender might be good for Win8. But I'll run SpyBotSD if rumors to the contrary start circulating.

I have installed Avast, does that mean Win Defender is automatically disabled?  And which one between the two is more efficient?

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