Nikon service and "Impact Damage"

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Re: Nikon service and "Impact Damage"

Art Jacks wrote:

I am in no way defending poor service but it is unfortunate that the signs off impact damage do not always show on the exterior of the equipment, I have had a camera bag fall fom a low table, the flash gun inside never worked again but looking at the gun you would have said it was was in mint condition.

While this is generally true, Nikon has turned denial of warranty claims into an art form by finding Impact Damage where there positively is none. This practice was first brought to my attention about 3 years ago by an acquaintance who had her warranty refused for this very reason. A lengthy battle ensued and she ultimately received the service to which she was entitled, but many Nikon owners have not been as fortunate.

Given the increase in the frequency of ID based warranty denials as well as reports of shoddy workmanship and mishandling of equipment (repairs not completed, misplaced gear, fixed one thing but broke another, etc.), there is a growing dissatisfaction with Nikon USA. My own experience with Melville was that they probably completed the non-warranty repairs competently enough, but the packing they provide for the return was laughably inadequate and my gear sustained shipping damage in route back to me.

If things aren't set straight quickly, it will only be a matter of time before Nikon is facing the dual dilemma of lost business and a class action lawsuit -- and both will be well deserved.

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