Installing OS on SSD from HDD

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Re: AOMEI Partition Assistant - Migrate OS to SSD Wizard

Jim Cockfield wrote:

If all else fails, I'd just use a free tool like this one to copy the existing installation to your SSD. I found a few forum posts that mentions it works with Win 8 for that purpose.

One of the features in the new 5.1 release is moving partitions from a hard drive to an SSD, while allowing resizing of the partitions so that you can move to a smaller drive.

Here's a page on how to use it (Migrate OS to SSD Wizard)

After it's finished, make sure to go into your BIOS and make the mSATA SSD the first boot choice in the boot order list (so that you're not trying to boot into the physical hard drive instead).

I'd disconnect the hard drive and make sure the SSD works fine by itself after the copy is finished. Then, plug the hard drive back in and make sure you're still booting into the SSD and it's showing up as your c: drive in Windows Explorer.

Jim - If I wind up going this route and grab that partition is it going to have all the needed drivers too, correct?

Once again, kudos for keeping after this for me even after I get all frustrated.  My new job is also working with computers yet my training is lacking.  They hired me for other reasons.  So I spend all day at work trying to figure things out on the stand alones I support and by the time I get home I'm just not in the mood to continue on.

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