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Re: Use USB 2.0 ports for the card reader...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Is it not seeing it when you get ready to create the recovery media, or is it not seeing it when you're trying to boot into it?

You may need to use USB 2.0 versus 3.0 ports in order to boot from a USB attached card reader, depending on how the recovery program was designed.

This is a USB Attached Card reader, not a camera or card slot in a printer, right (as most cameras are not USB Mass Storage Compliant, and many card readers built into printers won't work as USB Mass Storage devices either).

But, if you have a USB attached card reader with a FAT32 formatted 16GB card in it, then I'd expect your system to be able to use it for boot media (although you may need to use a USB 2.0 versus USB 3.0 port for that purpose). IOW, it should behave the same way as a USB Flash Drive.

From a quick glance at the owner's guide, it looks like the two ports on top of the machine are USB 2.0. It looks like two of the ports on the back are also USB 2.0. See pages 18 and 19 of the owner's manual for it:

I see that mentioned in a user created Wiki about Dell products, too (you need to be using USB 2.0 ports to boot into recovery media created by Dell Data Safe).

But, I can't understand why the DVDs are not working (asking you for a drive that's 1800MB), as the program is not supposed to work that way.

If USB media does the same thing (wants an 1800MB drive for the restore process), then I'm wondering if it may have something to do with EEFI boot settings used by Windows 8 (versus using a traditional MBR instead.

I'd get to the point where you have bootable recovery media first (and you can press F12 when booting to get a boot menu where you should be able to select USB with your boot media plugged in).

Then, see if it lets you install Windows to the SSD using it (making sure the phyiscal hard drive is unplugged).

If it's *still* asking for an 1800MB drive at that point, then I'd suspect that UEFI settings may be causing it, and I'd probably try to disable UEFI in BIOS temporarily and then boot into the recovery media and see if it installs that way to the SSD. You are sure that Secure Boot is disabled right? Do you see Legacy Option ROM enabled (it should be)?

I'd see how far you get using the above first. If it still does the same thing (wants an 1800MB drive to restore to), then we may need to approach it a different way and use a third party program to either backup the existing drive, or move individual partitions to the SSD (after shrinking them on the original drive with Microsoft Disk Management first so they'll fit on a smaller drive).

But, the Data Safe Recovery Program should work, without needing to shrink the original partition sizes before making the recovery media, as I haven't seen anybody else complain about it not working here yet (but, most of them were using Win 7 versus Win 8)

OK, the Card Reader is internal to the computer.  It's a standard multi-card reader but I don't know off the top of my head if it is USB 2.0 or 3.0.  I can access the card just fine in windows, format it, etc.  But when I run the dell program to create the recovery media and select USB drive vs DVD the systems just spins and never does anything.  Now at this point if I select DVD it does create the recovery media on 3 different DVDs.  So I am thinking a USB stick on a 2.0 port may get me by this point.

Secure boot is disabled in BIOS.  But off the top of my head this morning I am pretty sure BIOS was set for UEFI vs legacy.  For certain there was something right above Secure Boot that had the legacy option but it was set for the other parameter which I think was UEFI.

One other silly question.  If I actually do succeed in moving the OS will I need to reregister that copy of Windows and if so what do I use for the key?  I did not get any discs with the computer this time unlike every other new computer I have bought.

Maybe I am just the guinea pig for moving Windows 8 with DVDs?  I could not find anyone else with instructions on line that had done it with DVDs.

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