Clear View Zoom and limitations

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Re: Clear View Zoom and limitations

ttan98 wrote:

Recently I attended a wedding and I took a number of shots using the Clear Zoom feature via the kit lens and Nex F3. To my surprised the images were very good. I use the mag up to x2 magnifications, I am sure there are limitations to using this features, those who knows please contribute here.

It must be inferior to using the conventional zoom i.e 55-210mm lens, any views on this.

I don't have sony cam yet, but i could do partial testing:

i took 2 imagezs from a review : an image with no CIZ (let say 50mm), and the same image with x2 CIZ (let say virtual 100mm)

I tok the first shot, crop the center to get eq 100mm, and did x2 bilinear interpolation to go back to 16mpixel... i think this is equivalent to a common digital zoom made by any camera.

The difference between the CIZ shot and the "bilinear interpolated" image were impressive: CIZ was far better.

anyway, it would be interested to compare with a real 100m shot, taken with a lense opticly able to do 100mm... i guess the CIZ zoom would ba a step back in term of image quality.

If those good results are confirmed, CIZ could be a great feature fo use with a goode quality prime lense... as the quality of a prime lense is usualy significantly better than a zoom lense, this mean, prime +CIZ would probably give an image quality not far from a native shot made with a zoom.

This virtualy turn any prime lense into a x2 zoom, with at least equivalent image quality

- prime quality/resolution at wide angle (no CIZ)

- IQ going progressively down as you zoom with CIZ, until you reach the quality of a medium quality zoom lense at x2 focal lengh.

- but with another big bonus: you can get a prime lense wide apertune all over the virtual zoom range!

anyone to test/confirm this?

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