David Busch's Olympus OM-D E-M5 Guide to Digital Photography

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Re: On my iPad for the past week . .Thanks

You can only have one *active* Store Account on your iPad at a time. Just logout and login to a US-based account, buy the book from iBooks, then logout from that store account and login to your usual account again. That's how I did it, and I'm based in Europe. I buy iTunes gift certificates on eBay to fund my US-based iTunes account.

As for the OMD EM5 book, I must admit I was a bit disappointed too. I think the book might be good if you're new. I'm no expert/pro, but had a DSLR/mirrorless for a few years and this book didn't do that much for me, to be honest. Maybe there was one or two things I wouldn't have picked up by reading the manual, but I can't say for sure.

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