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Re: TRANSITIONING to a Moderated Forum...

I've noticed that the forum in the last few days has become a lot more civil and the useless baiting threads have gone ..nice work to the Mods and Admin.

Higuma wrote:

Nikon FX forum members,

I would like to make some suggestions to make this transition to a “moderated” forum easier for yourselves and the rest of the community…

- The rules that you agreed to when you signed up to participate in this community of like minded individuals are in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM up for debate in the Nikon FX forum – if you disagree with the rules then either grin and bear it , don’t participate, post in the OPEN forum or contact the site administrators… If you need to be reminded of what you agreed to when you registered you can find the rules HERE . This is not the place for those discussions.

- If YOU have been “moderated” and need more explanation than was offered you at the time of the moderation then feel free to contact the moderators via PM ( private message system ) to discuss the matter in a civil manner. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

- If YOU have been “moderated” and think it better to rant about it in this or other forums without any attempt to engage the moderators via PM you will likely not be helping your case.

- If, after discussing the matter with the moderators, you are not satisfied with the outcome of the discussion then feel free to contact the administrators of this site – they are the ultimate authority.

- Discussions ( for or against ) or the venting of your distain for the moderation system, enforcement of the rules, historical relevance or any other such matter should be posted in the OPEN forum - - those discussions DO NOT belong here and will be moved or deleted in the future.

- The best way to draw the moderators attention to something that you feel is counterproductive to this community’s health is to use the complaint system – we can see this quickly and we can see who makes the complaints and when. As such, I would suggest that you not overuse this system or try to use it for some sort of personal vendetta – you’re likely to draw more attention to yourself than the person you are complaining about if that is your intention.

- DO NOT post links to deals or discount coupons that contain referral or affiliate codes – some of you may be have been inadvertently passing on “deals” that contain other peoples affiliate codes which earn them a commission when someone clicks through and or makes a purchase – it is STRICKLY against the rules and admin has been clear to us moderators that this is a BANNING offence. If you are not 100% certain that the deal you are gratuitously passing on to your fellow forum members is 100% legitimate and free of the such codes then DO NOT POST IT.

- The moderators have been asked to exercise some leeway in the moderation of these forums so it should be no surprise if some leeway is afforded long time contributing members vs. first time posters... If you flame-bait someone in your first post don’t expect much leeway – if you flame-bait someone in your 5,000th post then you will find that you are still not immune from getting an appropriate warning via PM the "first time".

- Moderators can't and shouldn't be expected to see every comment or read every post - we are counting on some participation from the community as a whole to help draw our attention to matters of concern -we appreciate your worthwhile input. Again, the complaint system is likely the best way to accomplish this.

Hope these suggestions help you in this time of transition. We look forward to an even more productive community.

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