Ken Rockwell: Don't buy a midrange zoom. Carry a fixed 50mm instead, like a pro.

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Re: Ken Rockwell: Don't buy a midrange zoom. Carry a fixed 50mm instead, like a pro.

Click Click Rizzy wrote:

Ken Rockwell:

Get over buying a midrange zoom today. This isn't as bad as you think. Few, if any, pros use mid-range zooms. Most use a wide zoom and a tele zoom, and maybe drop a 50mm in their pocket for low light.

I don't think he knows enough number of pros to be able to say that.

Even at f/2.8, the $1,700 24-70mm AFS is nowhere near as good in low light as the $120 50mm f/1.8D. Try it and see.

This is true, and is really elementary. That 24-70/2.8 may be the wholly lens for many, but because it lacks VR you will still quickly hit the limits of it, force to push ISO higher than you want, so a faster prime will always win, not only in terms of IQ but also in the ability to use it in low light, assuming that you have the primes. For the price of the 24-70, one can buy a slower zoom and several good primes, or just buy primes if one does not need a zoom in that range. But... a zoom is a zoom and a prime is a prime. Comparing the two is not always possible. No matter what KR thinks, if he has a 50 on his camera and he needs something else which he does not have he will not take the image.

I never use a midrange zoom. For almost all my walking around and family photos, I use the 50mm f/1.4 AF-S. The fast f/stop lets me stop action in any sort of darkness, all with clean, creamy and sharp images at the high ISOs so easy for Nikon's FX cameras.

OK, so that's his opinion. He is entitled to that opinion, and of course a 50/1.4 is better and faster than any zoom, but a 50 is still a 50, and zooming with the feet is not always working.

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