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evoprox wrote:

Peter71951 wrote:


Why are there so many photos of X10 with that wash out look? The lack of contrast from the supposedly high dynamic settings seems to make everything look duller. And there there seems to be a lack of sharpness where low contrast details (see the bunch of leaves near the root at the bottom right) look like they are pixelated.

You're right. Using higher dynamic range settings always reduces the contrast. It's true not only for EXR sensors, it's also true for Bayer sensors, and higher DR film and photo paper too. We'd ideally use a DR setting that would be optimal for the lighting of a scene. Any higher or lower would reduce image quality, but it's not readily apparent to most photographers that aren't familiar with the zone system what kind of DR is needed for different scenes. So most of them automatically use DR 400%. This will often work well, but it's too high for subdued, flat lighting. This is the kind of light that you get on overcast days, near dawn and dusk, and also on foggy days. I see that evoprox mentioned that there was some fog when he shot the photo and DR100% was used, so the DR% setting was probably the best that could have been selected. I'll just add this. As shown in the forum post, DPR's photo handling is really poor and it not only seems washed out, it's also not very sharp, even if you increase the size by clicking on it. If you use the "original size" link though, the photo is much better, doesn't seem as washed out and has much more detail. When I saw the photo a day ago it seemed dull, boring and I wasn't impressed. But after seeing it without DPR's interference, it's actually quite a nice photo.

The X camera's are no good. It's as simple as that.


Just a simple question Peter: what is your simple statement 'good' for ?

This statement is an attempt to get the judgement about these X camera's more according reality.


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