LX7 RAW (RW2): Unable to open with with Photoshop Elements 10.

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Re: LX7 RAW (RW2): Unable to open with with Photoshop Elements 10.

jhersco wrote:

I just upgraded from an LX5 to an LX7. (The $299 price was too good to pass up!) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to open the RW2 files from this camera in Photoshop Elements 10 (Mac). My RW2 files from the LX5 open as they always did. DId Panasonic change something in the LX7 RAW file format? Are these files incompatible with PSE v10?

Mr H,

Only the latest versions of Adobe software handle the latest Panasonic RW2 files.

If you don't want to buy Adobe's far too expensive upgrades, just to get their software to handle the latest RAW files, you can instead use Adobe free DNG Converter to convert RW2 files (and folders of RW2 files) into DNG files that older versions of Adobe software will handle.

Version 7.3 of the DNG Converter will make DNGs out of the latest RW2 files, which should then work in Elements 10.


SirLataxe, who recommends you try the Silkypix V5.0.28 dedicated to Panasonic cameras instead.  See this thread:


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