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Vitalik D wrote:

Yakuza1970 wrote:

I recently saw a Seagate External Thunderbolt Hard Drive (not SSD) for sale at B&H. I'm happy to see Thunderbolt drives starting to hit the market but it made me wonder: will a regular hard drive based Thunderbolt drive really be significantly faster? Won't the bottleneck that would prevent it from really being that much faster be the spinning hard drive?

I searched through the Internet and found one article. It says that the Thunderbolt Hard Drive speed is not very high. Isn't 10 GB/s. Here it says that the normal speed is 200 MB/s. But for some as OCZ Lightfoot declared speed of this device is 750 Mb/s. Not bad isn't it.

Awful link.

The idea of a 10gb/s hard drive is currently ridiculous. A large Pegasus RAID will get close to flooding thunderbolt (800MB/s), but you'll be spending a hell of a lot for that privilege.

Depending on usage Thunderbolt is often not much of an advantage over USB3. However, if you want speed, rather than just a generic hard disk, then Thunderbolt is great.

I use a Thunderbolt adaptor with an SSD in a Seagate Goflex enclosure. That works very well for my usage.'s gear's gear list
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