NEX 5n vs 5R with SEL1855 Made in Japan vs Thailand

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Re: NEX 5n vs 5R with SEL1855 Made in Japan vs Thailand

CharlesMac wrote:

After I became grandpa I couldn't bear P&S (Nikon CoolPix 8100) low IQ any longer. So I pulled the trigger on discontinued NEX5n model $400+ deal.

First pictures of 5m old baby with NEX5n were absolutely shocking in comparison to Nikon camera. I couldn't believe IQ difference vs cost I just paid for Nex5n. Just $150 more what I paid for Nikon and you can get this IQ, unbelievable! Almost perfect skin tone color, close to my favorite old gear Olympus C3030 & C8080, so is amazing detail I could actually see myself in baby's eye.

Two weeks later I got another NEX camera, this time 5R. Not I would need two of them but for the money (open box) it was hard to let it go. Again 5R IQ is just amazing. I didn't have a time to do any comps between them but I doubt I will see any difference in IQ anyway.

However what puzzles me is SEL1855 lens. One is actually made in Japan and the other one in Thailand. It might be silly question but does anybody thinks there is any difference between them in quality? Or I should rather ask for advice how to test them to see any difference?

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Probably going to have to test them yourself to see if there's any true difference.  Primarily the reason why production moved was because of the flooding which occurred in Thailand which ended up shutting down Sony (and other) facilities based in Thailand.  So production for a lot of Sony products moved around quite a lot during this time but I don't recall anyone doing any kind of testing between Thailand produced kit zooms vs others produced elsewhere.  However, there was a thread about how the 5n/C3 kit zooms appeared to be a bit better than the original 5 and 3 kit zooms.  But overall the kit zoom is generally accepted to be just slightly better than your average kit lens.  Best in the middle of its range and stopped down a bit.

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