Ken Rockwell: Don't buy a midrange zoom. Carry a fixed 50mm instead, like a pro.

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Try KR's Advice

Well it certainly would not cost a lot to see if Kens advice would work for you personally. The 50 1.8 is Nikons gift to photographers for buying their cameras and it is not much more to step up to a 1.4 50mm then of course there are the supelative Micro Nikkors. My fav 60G.

My own personal experience shows that to eliminate distractions a zoom allows more flexibility to get the framing I desire. For Landscape there may be a plant that is not central to the photo that you could move closer and zoom in and elimate, or suppose there is a river and it has steep banks and as you back up with your 50 you cant see the water! So you can walk closer and Zoom to wider view and get your shot. You really have infinite control over what will be in your photo with a zoom because you can still zoom with your feet as KR suggests. So he makes some good points but then on closer inspection some of it does not hold up.

There are the other considerations of maximum sharpness, control of flare, bokeh, the rendering of a lens, shutter speed due to max aperature, and that is what makes photography interesting over a long period of time. For me about 50 years approximate some as a pro but mostly for fun. We did not have zooms when I earned my bread with photography so we changed lens a lot to get the framing. Look at some well used 28 and 50 lens mounts on e-bay they are worn from the constant changing. To get the framing it could not be avoided. We thought we were pushing the limit with the resolution of the 35mm frame so no cropping was to be tolerated. I was comparing it to 8x10 studio work so I alway wanted to fill the frame and never crop. FWiW D

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