Gorgeous, film-like noise of 6D

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Re: Gorgeous, film-like noise of 6D

schmegg wrote:

KAllen wrote:

I've been hearing that excuse for every digital camera ever made, "film like noise" or "filmic look" it never is. If you want film like grain, colour and dr, shoot film. Otherwise stop kidding yourself.

I think, when people say "film like" or "filmic", they don't mean "the same as film", like you are implying, they simply mean "more like film" than older digital noise signatures. And, in that respect, they would be right.

You mean like daisy wheel printers were always nlq, "near letter quality" but in truth were a million miles away. The implication is always "yes it has noise, it's like shooting film so it's ok" . I've not seen any digital image with noise that looks remotely like film grain, why should it?

The implication most certainly is it's just like film.

The term only gets used as an excuse. I'm not saying film is better than digital or v a v. But digital noise does not look like film grain so why bother mentioning it......unless of course it's an excuse.

It gets rolled out every time a drop of noise is seen, like it's an improvement over something before it.

Just like washing powders keep making your whites whiter and stains disappear, I've been hearing those improvement claims for decades .


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