Gorgeous, film-like noise of 6D

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Re: Gorgeous, film-like noise of 6D

indusbreed wrote:

Francesco wrote:

Most owners of the new 6D have been reporting a beautiful film-like noise at high ISO. This image is a crop of a picture I took this morning to show how uniform is the noise and how beautiful it is at ISO 10000. Shot at f/2.8, hand-held.

On that note, can i request some of you new 6D owners to upload some nice day shots as well :). I am seeing a sea of high ISO shots published on every other thread here

To OP - I couldn't agree more! I was astounded at how nice the grain (not noise, that makes it sound like it's a bad thing) looks. Personally I find it useable all the way up to its ridiculous ISO 102,400 - which would make for some really nice black and white images.
To Indusbreed - I took this an hour or so ago of the view from my veranda (it's nothing special but apart of a series I've been doing for 6 years). 
First image is the out of camera jpeg, the second is a slightly processed RAW.

1/250 f8 ISO100 with Sigma 24-70mm HSM (at 30mm)

RAW processed through ACR, tweaked slightly

Then here's a high ISO image - a paltry 10,000.
People were saying "Oh no! Look how noise reduced it is compared to the Nikon!? I can't live with that!". They clearly forgot that cameras these days have an "NR Off" setting - it still does some NR, but I find it quite decent.

Out of camera Jpeg - 1/30 f2.8 ISO 10,000 (I can't get over this), Sigma 24-70mm at 24mm

RAW ACR processed to taste

Mind the bad focussing - I'm deciding whether I use all the points or just the centre point

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