Extreme birding,G5 and 100-300

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Re: Extreme birding,G5 and 100-300

Alan_W1 wrote:

I don't think anyone can argue that m43 is not an option for certain AF bif scenarios, and although m43 AF-C is improving {using the best available m43 camera/lens combo's}, its only comparison would be against the lower end dslr's....which is a decent enough start though.

If I can just quote that if you don't mind Alan, this is a good point.

Along with that faster CDAF m4/3 needs hmmm, higher quality longer focal lengths and wider open. If we go by what is popular with Canon for BIF's, the equivalents would be a fixed 150 F/2.8, 200 F/5.6, 250 F/4 not to mention a 300 F/4

Now it gets interesting and also expensive, LOL. And of course a few fast zooms. I doubt that m4/3 will get to that stage in a long time, if at all. 4/3 Oly had a good crack at it and yep, expensive optics, but also top notch.

But as you say mate, that AF needs to be capable of producing the speeds and tracking ability.

All the best Alan, its interesting for sure.


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