PC-E Why does Nikon let Canon crush it in this area?

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Re: PC-E Why does Nikon let Canon crush it in this area?

Robin Casady wrote:

Ian wrote:

Just how big do you think the market is for PC lenses, what numbers would you expect Nikon and Canon to sell a year 100k, 200k 500k.

With the introduction of the D800/E the interest in T/S lenses is growing. There are several reasons for this.

  • The D800E attracted serious landscape shooters who are familiar with view cameras
  • The diffraction limits start becoming apparent around f/11 with the D800
  • There has been a recent interest in using tilt to for special effect in images

Canon uptil a few years ago never made PC lenses where as Nikon have made them for YEARS, since the early 60s.

I recall shift lenses from way back. I don't recall tilt lenses that long ago.

The sales are SO small that it is not really worth tooling up for.

So why should Nikon Corp increase the production when they can not make enough lenses like 300mm f2.8. 600mm f5.6

For many decades, one of Nikon's appeal to professionals has been that the Nikon System was larger than most competitors. Nikon included many specialty lenses so that one would expect to be able to handle any specialty with Nikon equipment. It made Nikon a safe investment. The odd lenses help sell the system. They don't have to stand on their own. Honda made the NSX to help sell Civics. IIRC, the NSX cost more to make than it sold for.

It is indeed about proving that they have such a large selection of lenses that the prospective buyer can feel secure in the knowledge that they will be okay with the system as their knowledge increases. Having tilt lenses is important.

Its really worth looking at what people overall are useing, not a Very small number, who in many cases do not know how to use them..

If you are only interested in selling to the masses, you would get out of the DSLR business. It is a niche market for cameras.

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