Extreme birding,G5 and 100-300

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Re: Extreme birding,G5 and 100-300

sb123 wrote:

Let's see. To look sharp the photo must be within the DOF of the lens at that aperture and subject distance. How is this different from any other picture taken with any other camera and lens? I guarantee you it cannot be taken for granted that your PDAF system is going to accurately place the focus right on the subject til you have gone through a calibration procedure.

I sort of disagree here....just relying on dof {which may be quite wide, at distance} is not good enough for optimum sharpness, as the subject may be on the fringe of the dof. This may be fine for small prints/ web images, but not to be confused with a well focused bif shot.

In the posted example, it does appear that the camera/lens did lock on to this small subject {judging by the slightly oof bg}, so it is likely that this was at the optimum quality of the system.

For such a distant shot, with a relatively small amount of pixels on the subject, i think the detail is excellent {we are talking decent m43 zoom quality here, not top end primes}.

I do agree with Jim though, ive yet to see any "AF" m43 bif shots {judging at face value...due to the lack of shooting details being supplied with such shots...crop % / full frame examples etc} that would allow a true comparison with a pdaf dslr to be feasable/ realistic.

I don't think anyone can argue that m43 is not an option for certain AF bif scenarios, and although m43 AF-C is improving {using the best available m43 camera/lens combo's}, its only comparison would be against the lower end dslr's....which is a decent enough start though.


I must have been typing, whilst Danny was posting.

I must learn how to type faster..or learn how to use more than one finger.

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