It just struck me about the D 600.

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Re: It just struck me about the D 600.

Okay, this just hit me like a thunderbolt out of the blue...  Canon has discounted their flagship 5D Mark III a whopping $900 through some vendors, and the reason is crystal clear.  Now that one photographer has found dust on his D600 sensor, all photographers want it.  That's all we talk about.  The 5D Mark III doesn't have significant dust issues-- not one fleck more than average.  So in order to compete, Canon is offering discounts on its best product.

While I'm confident this is the case, I do wonder whether Nikon isn't discounting the D600 because for once they've smoked their direct competition-- not the 5dMIII but the 6D which is in its price class.  Undoubtably, both manufacturers make greater profits from the lens sales than their cameras, so the real prize is in getting photogs to commit to their brand.

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