Non Oly Legacy Lens for 4/3....

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Re: Non Oly Legacy Lens for 4/3....

WirenL wrote:

I am wanting to get some new (old) glass.... I would love to have an OM 350/2.8 or even an OM 180/2..... but the prices they command are out of my budget...

With the availability of practically any lens converter out there these days, I am thinking I may be able to find some nice long telephoto lenses (SLR era) to play with without breaking the bank....

There are literally tons of old legacy lenses out in the wide world, my question is, what has anybody tried on their 4/3 bodies in regards to long, bright, telephoto?

I currently use a 135/2.8 which I love, just want longer in any other brand... that's decent, no crap lens suggestions please.


It is for you to decide whether you think it crap, but have you considered the Tamron 103A zoom lens. It's one of their Adaptall 2 lenses, neither exotic, nor, expensive; 80-210mm, F3.8/4.0 one-touch, close focus zoom. I got my copy about 2 years ago for £20 because I was after another adaptall  to OM mount and they went for about £12 on their own. I found it surprisingly usable and much more manageable hand-held than the bigger Tamron SP300mm F2.8 which I also had and which, with either of the Tamron tele-converters, I found impossible to keep steady for birding.

It did take me some time to track down the lens hood for it; 29FH and that cost me £10, but does minimise flare and improve contrast. I am not that good at annotating the user comment field in the EXIF to record which legacy lens I was using and find that months later it can be hard to be certain which lens was being used, so, on occasion, when downloading images where I have only used the one lens all day I would add the lens details to the file name. So, judge for yourself; a couple of images which definitely were taken with E-510 and the 103A. I think the first shot is @ 210mm and the second is probably wider. From the shutter speed they were either wide open, or, at F5.6.



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