Image Resizing - 72 ppi to 300 with a batch of files?

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Re: Image Resizing - 72 ppi to 300 with a batch of files?

7DJoe wrote:

Ok Mr. Rogers: I know that monitors and anything related to a computing devices (iphone, ipad, laptop, etc.) default to 72 ppi (or somewhere around there) and so changing the ppi to a higher number will not make a difference for email, facebook or anytype of computer viewing.

Don't worry about the 72 ppi (display resolution).  The resolution of the file is what matters for printing.  If you doubled the ppi to 144 ppi, you would reduce the dimensions of the print unless you up sampled it.  If you up sample the image yourself, your lab may very well up sample again.  You might want to contact the lab you intend on using for more information on ideal photo resolution and what they do to your photos to prepare them for printing.

Your photos are a series of colored pixels.  The 300 pixels per inch resolution needed for a photo will change based on the size of the photo you are printing (i.e. 4x6 vs 8x10).  What dimensions would your printed photo be at 72 pixels per inch?  What dimension will your printed photo be at 300 pixels per inch?

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