Use the Sony Optical Viewfinder mounted on top of the Sony Thumb Grip

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Re: Use the Sony Optical Viewfinder mounted on top of the Sony Thumb Grip

tesilab wrote:

I'm not an authority, but I think that you just have to take the good with the bad. You will have to be conservative and learn from experience about what will be inside the photograph and what won't and crop the rest.

I think you are right. I am coming from Leica M8 (which I have sold for FF RX1), and one thing I very enjoyed while using M8 was ironically its shortcoming: parallax error.

In the beginning I couldn't believe that Leica let parallax error to exist in its viewfinder that is actually embedded in the camera. But, after using it quite a while, I begin to cherish it because it became a part of my photography experience. In a couple of months, I could take shots knowing nearly exactly where the frames were. It was a quite fun experience. It made me to think more when shooting, deepening the photography experience already occupied by the only available manual mode.

Now owning an RX1, I see how versatile this camera is over rangefinder. But part of me still miss that analog feel I had with Leica very much. Perhaps I might add an ovf to my RX1.

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