DNP hasn't realized Windows 8 was coming, apparently. Maybe they didn't think 2013 is either?

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Re: befor u upgrade use your brains

Stacey_K wrote:

RandyB2 wrote:

Those that have not been using Windows for decades may not know that Microsoft does a lot of their beta testing on the user after they release the first version.

Very true. I never use a version of windows until service pack 2 is out. And anyone who thinks there are no bugs in released windows versions, please look at what they are fixing in those service packs

Also waiting till service pack 2 insures most of the hardware manufacturers that they plan to write rewrite drivers, those have been written and "beta tested" by the early adopters.

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What a load of hogwash...

Win7 is/was arguably the best OS out there from day 1...service packs are necessary for a variety of reasons, many times introducing new feature sets.  I'd say I'd rather have this than Apple not releasing any updates or having arguably the most unsafe OS out there according to most security research companies...

The anti-MS nonsense proves that marketing trumps reason everytime

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