6D Beats D800 in Dynamic Range

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Re: 6D Beats D800 in Dynamic Range

Steen Bay wrote:

technic wrote:

Funny how the Canon fanboys can always find a MAJOR advantage to cheer about (major in the sense that maybe if you look very very well you could spot it) and disregard the obvious flaws, like the far worse performance at low ISO.

Well, you also have to look very very well to spot Nikon's DR advantage at low ISOs, because it's buried deep deep down in the deepest shadows. But yes, it's there if you dig deep enough.

This sounds like you have never played or worked with Nikon RAW files.

You don't have to pull deep deep shadow to see advantage of EXMOR sensor.

On my D800 if I pull shadow 2 stops at ISO 100 the shadow look like image shot at ISO 400.

If I do same on my 5D3 the shadow looks more like ISO 1600.

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