Sony RX1 vs Sigma DPM (1 or 2)

Started Dec 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony RX1 vs Sigma DPM (1 or 2)

As more people get the RX-1 I would like to keep this thread going...

While I understand the DPxM as a very specialized camera, "peerless" in ISO 100 situations with static subjects (landscapes), I would think the Sony RX-1 - at 2700 and with a Zeiss lens - should be able to compete on that level and offer other advantages (DOF, somewhat quicker AF, high ISO).  I am not unaware of the DPxM's specialties, I want to know if the RX-1 at the much higher price point can compete on where the DPxM specialized.

My only concern is the Sony is so expensive few trying it will be able to aptly admit it's flaws or say "it's great at X,Y, Z, but not as good as the DPxM at what it does."  Would cause too much cognitive dissonance (I say this only partially in jest).


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