Hoping for help with price drop question D600 & kit lens

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Re: Hoping for help with price drop question D600 & kit lens

Peter Jonas wrote:

EYeye wrote:

Bought body 9-19-12 and 24-85mm VR 10-17-12. Fort Worth Camera - a Nikon dealer....

... Now as most of you know Nikon offers this same package for seven hundred dollars less ($1995.99)...

... Anyone know how to contact Nikon about whether they will refund (or credit towards new purchase) the difference between price then and now?

Unfortunately I cannot help you with a contact number. By all means talk to them and ask the question.

However, what makes you think that they would even consider giving early purchasers a refund? On what basis would you make a claim for a refund?

I may not get out too much, but I am yet to hear of any company that adopts such practice.

Those who purchased early knew they were paying a premium in return for the benefit of enjoying their camera. That is always part of the deal.

Good luck in any event.

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Peter Jonas

Well Peter, your points (and others following) are well taken. Hope came from a post I read saying that many credit card companies had a "price drop protection" for 90 days. AmEx does not. But, I thought I would check about it and my post simply asks if anyone knows the process to do so through Nikon, rather than the credit card folks. (BTW: AmEx DOES double the Nikon warranty! Had not known this till I asked.)

Obviously, I bought the camera early on, and frankly I suspected there would be a Christmas price drop (many may recall the initial grumbling that the rumor sites had said this body would be around $1500 - well - it sort of is now with the 24-85mm VR added in for $2Kish).

Had several shoots planned and was glad to get this body. It has performed wonderfully well. The kit lens IS a good travel lens, and better than I expected all considered. The 50mm 1.4G certainly outshines it and I hope to get a 28mm 1.8G later. Already had the 70-300mm and 70-200mm 2.8 as well.

I am far from angry: shot two weddings, rarely seen whooping cranes near Port Aransas, Texas, and lots of fabulous places in Maui. Captured a number of sunsets, moon shots, and even shot a wedding video (my first) and NONE of this would have occurred had I waited for the price drop.

Back to my question: does anyone know whom to contact at Nikon to ask about this question? Although a "no" may be the answer, I'd like to ask. Happy to take any credit towards purchase of a new lens.

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