What's about the pre-weddingshot in Vietnam?

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Re: What's about the pre-weddingshot in Vietnam?

n studio wrote:

JamesRL wrote:

I think the background would be fine if it were a little less in focus.

Yeah, I agree with you. But with my very first lens (18-135 F3.5-5.6), I found it hard to apply as your thought. By the way, thanks for your comment in here.

Hello Bac,

There are three ways to get more blur in the background, and of course there are also other ways to cause more separation between background and subject.

A wider aperture is of course the obvious way to blur the background, but changing the distance relationships works too.  The closer you are to the subject, and the farther the subject is from the background, the more effective the Depth Of Field will be at isolating the subject.

Obviously all of the above have limitations, so you do what you can...

And then you can also pull it up in an image editor, and work out a way to add blur to the background, and/or sharpen only the subject.   Sometimes that is easy, sometimes not.  In your image it would be relatively easy except for the area down on the lower left side where the shape of some rocks are showing through the veil.  There is no way to lose detail in those rocks without also losing very nice looking detail from the veil itself.

In addition to using blur from DOF to isolate the subject, brightness levels can also be used.  When taking the shot you can adjust that with the use of strobes or a speedlight for fill.  If the background is far enough away it won't be as brightly lit as the subject. And just as with blur, that can be worked on a bit with an editor too.  In the instance of your example image it should work very well, even on that part with the rock showing through the veil.

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