D800 + the new AFS 70-200 F/4 D VR

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Ernie Misner
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Re: D800 + the new AFS 70-200 F/4 D VR

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

Interesting work there, very sharp and colorful to say the least. What are your impressions of the f4 lens so far including wide open at f4. Thanks so much.

Not to insult you Ernie, but I don't understand how people can look at hugely downsized pictures and proclaim them as "sharp." It isn't just you. I see this all the time here and around the web. It takes full resolution images to judge sharpness.

I understand what you are saying.   Point well taken.  Let me say his image is crisp, contrasty, and colorful, just what I was hoping to see from this new f4 lens.  There has been a few times when I wished my f2.8 version were a little lighter..... on days when I didn't need the speed anyway....:)

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