Caution -Mag Filter Polarizer not compatible with Filter Holder

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Re: Caution -Mag Filter Polarizer not compatible with Filter Holder

Liz Z. wrote:

millsart wrote:

As many of you may have recalled, I came up with a bit of a "hack" to turn the Mag Filter polarizer into a stand alone filter holder by simply taking it apart and gluing on a step up ring (which you can get on Ebay for a few bucks)

Mag Filter was a brilliant concept limited by a poor quality CPL, and many like myself already had a collection of threaded filters.

Well the company came out with an option that is just a filter holder ring, and as I shared my idea with them, was nice enough to offer to send me one for free. Since they announced 49mm ones I finally took them up on the offer.

Thought it would be great, I could put my ND filter on holder, and my polarizer on another and swap on the fly as needed.

Well...... Big problem here because the size of the little metal ring that goes on the camera lens barrel is DIFFERENT sizes between the CPL filter and the filter ring.

So, since I've already got the CPL holder on my my camera, I can't use the new filter holder as it is designed or a smaller metal ring.

I think this was a big mistake on their part because anyone who's already got the CPL kit installed and who enjoyed the product and wanted another filter holder won't be able to make use of it.

I'm going to go head and contact the company and see what they say, maybe they will let people with the CPL send it in for a credit or something like that.

If your just using one of these its not a problem, so I'm not trying to blow this out of proportion but if you really enjoyed the original version and just wanted to add on another filter holder to your kit for faster filter changes, it doesn't work

It seems like they designed the 49mm to go with the smaller 36mm metal ring that fits the Canon S100, and not the 42mm one that fits the RX100. I agree, not a good choice--49mm is a great size for filters for the RX100.

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Not only is it an issue due to not fitting the older ring, but there is a worry about vignetting with the smaller diameter opening when using a thicker polarizer, and/or maybe trying to stack on two filters such as a CPL and a ND

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